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Mr.Monk and the Naked Man

Have you seen Monk? We love that show, the whole family does. Levi gets whole seasons of Monk on DVD from the library and watches them on his laptop while he is away. He lets the kids watch them before we return them to the library. I like Monk because although it is a murder mystery show, it is really clean (no sex, gore, blood, etc)- just a funny man solving crimes. I am so glad to know that our media viewing values are rubbing off on the kids.

Last night Levi and I were in bed watching a movie, he had given the boys his Monk DVDs to watch in the living room. We heard a knock at our door. "Yes?" we said. A muffled and sad Josef(11)voice,"We can't watch Monk anymore." "Why?" we ask miffed. "This next episode is called Mr.Monk and the Naked Man and I know we can't watch it if there will be a naked man." was his reply.

Levi went out and consoled him and let him know it was about a murder at a nudest colony, no truely naked men will be shown. Which prompted a whole modesty discussion with the boys.

So I am glad our boys have enough information to make good media choices, even when it's a show they love.

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Arya said...

I LOVE Monk!! My uncle has the first 5 seasons on DVD and we have watched them over and over since moving here. The kids love them too. I love that there is no swearing, sex, gore, ect. It's a great show for sure!

The Stamps Family said...

I love Monk! We have days where we just have Monk-a-thons. This is one show that I don't have to screen for them. It's good to know that there are still shows with morals and values out there.

Dickerson Family said...

Matt and I are big fans of monk as well. Not only is it great to have a clean show to watch, but that Josef knows and understands the importance of modesty and wholesome viewing. Way to go!

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