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Thanksgiving Memories and Guilt


Ok! So I have a confesstion I haven't scrapbooked in a REALLY long time. Last time was when I was on bed rest with Oliver, I scrapbooked all my pregnancy stuff, and then his newborn photos after he was born. That was it-sad, but true. The fact is this busy Mom of four, doesn't have the time or energy to scrapbook. I can no longer keep up with the latest trends in scrapbook creativity, nor do I have the time and money to shop till I drop for the latest and greatest. Don't get me wrong, I love it all, and at one time Scrapbooking was a huge passion in my life. But alas, LIFE happens, and I just doen't have the free time I used and when I do have it, I want to spend it other ways. So that is what this blog is for-a quick photo upload and some commentary and I have my memories recorded. Maybe they are not covered in $5 embelishments, but I got 'em down!

In the spirit of bare minimum memory recording, I came up with the above Thanksgiving book. I keep thinking every holiday, "Oh! I wish I had a scrapbook for each holiday.Wouldn't that be cute?" And then that whole time thing comes into play, and lets not forget the perfectionist mentality (Its not worth doing unless it is super cute) Well I through this baby together in 5 minutes and although not is extremely functional. I have already added some stuff of the kids that was at the bottom of the Thanksgiving decoration container.(You know the infamous Turkey handprints). Anyway...It is just a large 3 ring binder, I got at the office store with plastic page protectors in it. I've added the kids Thanksgiving past art projects and things. I am also going to add some photos,although they will not be bedazzled. I wanted to just get all this stuff in one spot, so we could look at it year after year, and so when "one day" comes, I may turn it all into a masterpiece. For now, it is functional and the kids love looking through it. :)
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The Wades said...

I didn't mention that I love your Thanksgiving book idea.

The Wades said...

I'm with you--I used to joke that I don't scrapbook---I just buy stuff for scrapbooking. I think I'll switch to the photobooks. The are really nice and much easier than scrapbooking. Have you tried digital scrapbooking? One of my friends is really into that.

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