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Thanksgiving Buffet

This was the second year we have gone to the buffet for Thanksgiving. We usually go with Levi's parents and invite anyone and everyone we know that may not have plans for THanksgiving. The boys LOVE the buffet. It saves me cooking, cleaning, and dishes, so it's a true Mom holiday. This year our friends the Tuttles and the Ericksons were able to join us, along with Levi's parents and his oldest sister.

This is Kaleb with his favorite food at the buffet chicken noodle soup, not sure why but he LOVES this stuff. The beauty of the buffet is everyone gets what they like to eat for Thanksgiving.


Bryon, Tanya, and Kelsi


Us, don't we look full and happy


The Ericksons,7 full tummies
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Emily said...

Looks fun!! Im glad you had a stress free holiday!

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