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Compost Queen


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I have always wanted to compost, it is a great way to recycle and reuse. Not to mention it is great fertilizer for your garden. We finally live somewhere where I can do it easily. This spot is in our backyard, left side of the pump shed (where our water pump and water softener are). I picked that spot because it is about 8 feet from the back deck,near the kitchen door-so it is convenient to take the kitchen scraps out. I used some wire fencing pieces I found around the property to make 3 sides. I left one side open for easy access to the compost. So far it is not steaming like it should, but I keep adding things, so hopefully soon it will start "composting".

Speaking of recycling, we have to take care of all of our own trash!! No handy garbage man to pick it all up for us. It is a real pain to take loads to the dump, SO I have started to recycle everything I can. I take it down to town to the local recycling tent when i run to the grocery store, or to church. Not having waste removal services so convenient has made me more mindful of what I buy, what we actually use,and ways I can reuse things.

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Watson Clan said...

Very cool compost setup. I'm glad you found your blog, and now I've found yours. :)

Emily said...

Yea April! You rock as always. Miss Go getter for sure!!

The Wades said...

My husband is a composting freak! Actually, he loves worms and is trying to make a compost pile work in the horse manure. Good luck to you.

NO trash pickup???!!! What torture!

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