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The Big 11!

Josef turned 11 on October 6. We had just moved into the new house in Weiser, so we were so busy and didn't get a party planned. We finally had a little party for him when Levi was home this weekend. It was just a family thing though, we usually plan bigger parties with friends and extended family, but this mom was pooped out. We let him pick his favorite restaurant to eat lunch at-which was Carl's Jr. We got some Indiana Jones Cupcakes...with Crystal skull toppers-a big hit with the boys and it was fun trying to put the two 1 candles into one cupcake. Then we took him to Walmart for the gifts he really wanted,an Action Replay for his Nintendo DS and some special Pokemon card pack. He was a happy camper.

Can you believe my baby is 11?? I can't


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Emily said...

Ok, so for some reason, even though I have it set to update my blog when you post on yours, it isnt. So, I had no idea you had posted

Happy Birthday Joseph! I cant BELIEVE you are 11. Oh My!!!!

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