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BFS # 118 All You Add Is Love (Purina Dog Chow)

This was this month Blogger Friend School assignment, since I already did this same questionaire earlier this year I'm just reposting.

I copied this questionaire from my friend Emily's bog-it is so cute. This is what my kids said about me-no editing.

About Mom!

1. What does Mom always say to you?
Josef- I love you
Ian- I love you
Kaleb- It's time for school
Oliver- Car

2. What makes Mom happy?

Josef- Watching Movies
Ian- Me hugging her
Kaleb- Printing out school pages
Oliver- Me

3. What makes Mom sad?
Josef- Me, when I don't do school
Ian- Me not hugging her
Kaleb- Me not cleaning up my room
Oliver- Me

4. How does Mom make you laugh?
Josef- I don't remember
Ian- I do, when I say something funny
Kaleb- Tickle me
Oliver- Make funny faces

5. How Old Is Mom?
Josef- 26
Ian- 40
Kaleb- 30
Oliver- 20

6. How Tall is Mom?
Josef- 5 feet 6 inches
Ian- She can touch the ceiling fan
Kaleb- 75 inches
Oliver- This big (raised arm up tall)

7. What does Mom like to do?
Josef- Play the computer
Ian- Make costumes
Kaleb- Talk to people on the phone
Oliver- Drive the car

8. What is Mom's job?

Josef- To feed us
Ian- doing school with us
Kaleb- Teaching us school
Oliver- To Drive the car

9. What is Mom's favorite food?
Josef- Pepsi
Ian- Speghetti
Kaleb- Olives
Oliver- Chocolate Milk

10. How do you know Mom loves you?
Josef- Because I'm her son
Ian- Because she hugs me
Kaleb- She helps me
Oliver- She's good

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Dickerson Family said...

I like this post. Your boys are so sweet!

Emily said...

Too fun!!!!! Im cracking up avout Olivers constant car comments!

April Mitchell said...

Oliver loves cars-we have watched the Cars Movie DVD so many times it is not even funny.

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