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And another person hits me

Ok! I do not know what it is but it seems like someone hits my vans with their car atleast once a year and this new white van and this year are no different. In May a man with a small truck rear ended me in Meridian while I was yielding to school kids crossing the road. Apparently he saw a green light and hit the gas-and my BIG van stopped him and is bumper fell off. Just a lovely little dent in my bumper. And yesterday-I went out to see my sisters new house in Nampa and a lady in a sports car ran right into the side of me, in my own lane. Ahh! Can you really not see large minivans people? Her lane ended an apparently she did not notice she needed to merge, so she did merge into my lane-right into me. Alas all I can do is moan "WHY ME?"

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